Traction + Compression

Lifting Socks


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For Deadlifting and Yoga

Our fashionable compression socks go all the way to the knee to help protect your shins from scrapes while performing lifts.

The traction grip pattern on the sole helps prevent slipping so you can lift and flex without shoes.

Our lifting socks meet International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) competition requirements for socks when worn with shoes.



  1. Pirate Design

    Lifting Socks feature a fun and trendy pirate skull design.

  2. Traction

    Lifting Socks have a traction pattern on the bottom to help prevent slipping.

  1. Compression

    Lifting Socks compress your calves to help promote blood flow.

  2. Protection

    Lifting Socks protect your shins from scrapes while performing deadlifts.


Designed to prevent slips

and shin damage

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